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This website was designed with you in mind, and while it has a multitude of purposes, it’s primary purpose is to help you provide for your loved ones and to have peace of mind, all at a reasonable cost. We started this website as a resource for the general public. It is a premier site to obtain information regarding estate planning & trusts, to ask questions, and keep up to date on the latest laws and changes in the way estate plans are drafted.

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Do You Need to do Estate Planning?

A simple Yes or No Quiz about the need for estate planning. Do you need to to estate planning? Answer Yes or No to the following questions. Are you going to die? Have you been married more than once? Do you have 2 or more children? Do your children have imperfections? Do you have children [...]

Protect Your Children’s Future

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to receive a knock at the door after your loved ones are late coming home? As you open the door the first thing you see is the small reflection of light from a police officer’s badge. Now imagine that you are not answering the door, but [...]

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